How it started

It all started on August 12, 2013 in a small room in a shared apartment, by Rafael Castillo. With just a pencil, a marker and following a vocation the first Wild Animal emerged. And with him the firm mission of taking the Animal Kingdom to the highest level.

Behind the designs

My name is Rafa, I have been an illustrator since I was little.

I have not collaborated with big brands like CocaCola nor been featured in Forbes, but I have had the privilege of decorating houses from Sydney to New York, passing through Palencia.

I consider that that connection with people is worth more than any advertising campaign of millions.

Hundreds of people have tattooed their designs and Telecinco stole one of their illustrations ( New Religion).

Behind your collection

Each order is received one by one and created exclusively for you, with all the care and with sustainable materials. Everything is packed to perfection and cared for with care, so that it arrives perfectly on your walls :)