A unique work of art for all eternity

The portrait that will immortalize the connection of your soul with that of your pet and will make you live together forever.

You are not here by chance. This will be one of the most important moments of your life, always in your memory.

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Custom portrait 'Body, mind, [YOUR PETS], soul'

Custom portrait 'Body, mind, [YOUR PETS], soul'

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You can pay in 3 installments with Klarna

Custom portrait created from 0:

  • With your image (like the model's). It can be a man, a woman...
  • Your pets: be they dogs, cats, birds, hamsters...
  • It can be for yourself or to give as a gift (this lifts the soul and/or lowers the underwear... a little humor, don't be offended <3)

Once I have purchased the portrait service I need:

  • Photos of the model from the back, to see the complexion and features.
  • Photos of all the pets that come out.
  • Zodiac sign of the model (if you look closely, it's on her)

You will receive:

  • Personal treatment via WhatsApp at all times.
  • A video with the soul fusion of the person-animals (reel/stories format)
  • An A3 size sheet, with museum quality paper (30x42 cm)

Price currently reduced for being one of the first. It will go up soon, because I don't even have time to breathe. But if you hire it now, you will be a priority and you will have it at a discount :)

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    Unique artistic details

    Your heart symbolizes your soul that is linked with lines of light to the heart of your pets. Flowers and leaves sprout from all souls, as a symbol of union, perpetual growth and eternal life.

    You will have your pets forever , even if they are gone from this world.


    What you have found here does not exist yet, I create it with my hands from nothing for your soul, stroke by stroke, brushstroke by brushstroke.

    To make you or the person you give the portrait happy. Something that will last a lifetime.

    Delivered already framed

    It arrives at your house free and already framed. With oak or pine wood frame, in the color you choose: natural, black, white or dark wood.

    Ready to hang/gift 🎁

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    How is the proccess?

    How does it work?

    1. You can ask me any questions by WhatsApp/email.
    2. When you decide and hire:
    3. Book a meeting with me here: book a meeting with Rafa.
    4. We know each other, we talk about everything.
    5. The work begins: line, color, finish...
    6. I will give you samples to correct things (included in the price)
    7. Completion: choose what color you want for the wooden frame and I send it home :)

    Large size: 50x70cm.

    NOTE: If it's for a gift, please note that I need photos!